Monday, 29 June 2009

Vian: Hour 6

Its been a while since i have successfully recorded anything approaching decent on the wheels of steel (mostly plastic) but finally i managed to put something together last week. I'm really pleased with it, the first four tracks have worked together better than any other i have played in a mix, though i didn't really anticipate that being the case at all. The vibe is very upbeat throughout and this is only compounded by the fact that the tempo is err.. bloody quick. Again this was not intentional but as the beat of 'Kings Child' doesn't come in for a good minute or so, there was no initial conception of how fast it would be, and i couldn't very well be bothered to put the track back on again from the beginning. Plus i had a little cocaine in me. I actually think it adds to the live nature of the mix which is something i wanted to achieve. It's not completely polished, and it didn't get a bout of compression from Cool Edit either, but I'm really enjoying it at the moment and it represents exactly where I am right now with regards to my output

Now, there is one feature of this mix which i would like to talk about. Overlaying 'Sunken' over the rhythmic pounding of 'Dope Slingin' Vibe' was a damn good call. Any reticence was down to my being labelled as a 'copy cat', but i just thought fuck it, it sounds so nice and ultimately - in the end - I chose the tracks so, why shouldn't I? I have been thoroughly enjoying the 2005 release 'Et In Arcadia Ego' by The Village Orchestra in recent weeks and i have thought often that a soaring, uplifting and graceful track such as 'Sunken' should be laid over a beat to drive it along and accentuate the feeling of the track. I am fully aware, of course, that Luciano (copied cat) was properly thinking along the same lines when he discovered that using M83's 'In Church' over many a percussive beat would create a magical moment in a mix and in a club atmosphere. If you hear the mix you'll probably agree having listened to my track selection that i quite like the lad, so it's no coincidence BUT its not, in - my mind anyway - out of the question that i would have thought to do it myself - first. But of course, i didn't. Ultimately i did it because it sounds great, i really love the track and it takes the mix somewhere different. You may judge for yourselves. I imagine that if i had a few forummers listen to the mix they would comment on it, an not in a positive way, Meh.

Vian: Hour 6

Wareika - King's Child // Motivbank

Reboot - El Loco // White

Butch - Bengal Tiger // Bouq Records

Julien Chaptal - Mamdaye // Remote Area

Mirco Violi - Breaking Rocks // Hypercolour

Dance Disorder - My Time (Radio Slave's Rekids Tribe Mix) // Eskimo

Michel Cleis - Tribute // White

Invisible Planets - Dope Slingin' Vibe (Brother's Vibe remix) // Fresh Fish

The Village Orchestra - Sunken // Highpoint Lowlife

Mirco Violi - Tzar // Bloop Portugal

Mendo - Everybody I Got Him - 2009 mix // Clarisse Records

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