Saturday, 8 November 2008

Vian: Hour Three

Welcome to hour three.. This hour is really a turning point in terms of my output, I am really happy with it because i mixed it really well and it represents the way I am heading in terms of style.. The first half hour especially, has a really organic and rhythmic edge which i am really warmimg to and which is exactly where i want to go, both in terms of mixing and my future productions (when i finally get around to that again). Lots of great tracks, particularly Viva Belize and Nesrib, but they are all superb.

I would like to thank in part the man Luciano for the most inspiring/amazing set i'v ever experienced, at Fabric at the end of August, it opened my eyes and ears wider than ever, and undoubtably affected the tune selection in Hour Three and indeed the future for Vian. So please enjoy my best mix so far - one that i will always look back on with great fondness.


Marco Ressman – Sao Paulo Lights (Anthony Collins Remix) // Upon You Records
Pier Bucci – Hey Consuelo (Samim Remix) // Stealth Records
Pele – Viva Belize // Connaisseur Records
La Pena - A1 // White Label
Sis – Marcha Oscura // Cecille
Johnny D – Soleil // Safari Electronique
Sis – Nesrib // Cecille
Stimming – Una Pena //Dynamic
Gel Abril – Spells of Yoruba // Be As One
Dave Aju – Crazy Place (Luciano Remix) // Circus Company


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Smack & Tickle

To those wonderful friends of mine who came down to see me at Corsica Studios on Haloween - Thank you. I had an awesome time; only got play for an hour in the end but it was well worth it, the sound system was outrageous too! Hopefully this is the start of something good and ill have some more shows booked soon!

Vian @ Smack & Tickle 31/10/08
Set List

Masomenos - Pierre Et Le Loup // WTM
Onur Ozur - Sahara (Jens Zimmermann remix)// Vakant
Ricardo Villalobos - Fitzpatrick // Sei Es Drum
Dewalta - Salgaro // Vakant
Pier Bucci - Hey Consuelo (Samim remix) // Stealth Records
Marco Resmann - Sau Paulo Lights (Anthony Collins remix) // Upon You Records
Gel Abril - Spells of Yoruba // Be As One
Reboot - Charlotte // Below
SIS - Lesh // Cecille
SIS - Trompeta // White

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Vian: Hour Two

So here is the second hour. This one was cool as it was totally improvised, and it turned out pretty good considering.. A number of really cool tunes involved and there is a nice flow to it despite the variety of sounds. Especially enjoyed using 'Roar', which is great fun and really ought to be considered a tool, but is great for keeping the tension up as the drop never comes.. ever!


Matthias Tanzmann – Hotel Sapporo (Pedro remix) // Moon Harbour
Boris Werner – Starvin Marvin is Cruisin // cadenza
Loco Dice – Orchidee // Minus
Radioslaxe – Eyes Wide Open // R&S
Chic Minature – KImano // crosstown rebels
Patrice Baumel – Roar // get physical
Argy – 1985 (Sydenham remix) // poker flat
Minilogue – Carnival // traum
Thomas Schumacher – Pink Boots (khord remix) // spiel-zeug schallplatten