Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Vian: Hour 5

Hour 5.. its been a long time coming but I'm back playing the more goovey housey beats that haven't been seen since hour 3 way back in September! By jove that was a long time ago. Anyway, I'm very pleased with this mix, it's got some great tunes in, including the amazing Nina Simone remix on Einfach, as well as some other belters afterward.. The three tracks on the Deeependence release (of which two are in this mix) are all awesome, definitely a label to look out for in the future, this is only their second release...

I like how the mix progresses, and reaches a nice high point somewhere in the middle, but then comes back down again and ends quite deep with that Anthony Collins tune which is, as the title suggests, sensual.. aaaah. Enjoy!


Mark, Adru – Tribe // Deependance
Arnaud Le Texier, Emannuel Ternoise - Serendipity // Safari Electronique
Guillaume & the Coutu Dumont – Le Tigre // Oslo
Damian Schwartz – Burranto // Oslo
Mathias Kaden – Shetani // Vakant
Unkown – Lemany // Einfach
Mark, Adru – Elephiolin // Deependance
Fabio Gianelli – Trnidad y Tobago // ThirtyOneTwenty
Djulz – Flourette // Circus Company
Ilario Alicante - Near Africa (Markus Fix & Robert Dietz remix) // Cecile
Anthony Collins – Sensual // Vinyl Club


Many thanks to loofy for the artwork on this one too.. this will be a running theme from now on..