Saturday, 18 October 2008

Vian: Hour One (The Behagg Birthday Mix)

This is the the first of my hour series.. a little mix i put together for my friend Jim, a man whos influence has been palpable to say the least. He introduced me to dance music via the man Erol, and then on to minimal and techno and beyond - and that's without even mentioning eveything else he has shown me over the years. He is the man.

So this is the tracklist, i'v put a few favourites in there that i will always consider synonymous with the the man Behagg - the radioslave remix to name but one... All in all a very hypnotic, quite organic and progressive mix. Enjoy..

The Vegetable Orchestra – Carrot Cuts (Anja Schneider remix) // Karmarouge
Petre Inspirescu – Sakadat // Vinyl Club
Kabale und Lauhaus – Makake // Remote Area Recordings
Lauhaus et Chaptal – Freedom Fries // Remote Area Recordings
Crristian Paduraru – Clickno Anthem (Rhadoo Minimal Mix) // Open Bar Music
Luciano – Father // Cadenza
Kissogram – My Friend is a Seahorse (Radio Slave Remix) // defDrive
Sun Electric – Toninas (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) // Shitkataputt
The Vegetable Orchestra – Ciboulette (Luciano mix) // Karmarouge


Sunday, 5 October 2008

Vian Hours

Vian Hours

Recently (since my essential mix back in May) i have been recording a series of mixes, each one an hour (or thereabouts) in duration.. They are a good indication of how my output is progressing, and a good way of showcasing the tunes that I'm into at at that time. Please have a listen!

I have done three already which i shall post very soon, but whenever the next one comes along it will be posted here asap - so keep yor ears and eyes open!

Vian Essential Mix

After a challenge on the Erol Alkan was set for everyone to compile and record their own 'essential mix' i thought it might be a cool thing to do, so i did... I had great fun buying lots of tracks from beatport and grabbing a few records from phonica just for the mix, whilst also preparing a radio one sample i grabbed from Damian Lazarus' essential mix (i was particularly pleased with how that turned out!)

This was my first porperly recorded mix since moving to the more techno side of dance music.. It's Quite varied but I was pretty pleased when i had it all done - with the second half especially. I even managed to get one of my own tracks in in it. Score!

Vian Essential Mix - 19/05/08


Holger zilske – spooky kissing // playhouse
Robert babicz – sin (ripperton remix) // systematic
Phonolulu – polygon// kickboxer recordings
H.O.S.H, Stimming – radar // diynamic
Counterplan – 90 degrees (DJQ mix)// soma recordings
Prompt – evolve // 7noise
Zhao – Architecture // Swap
Alex Smoke – Clapface // hum and how
Nihad Tule & Nima Khak – Chess // truesoul
Par Grindvik – Aukustik // Stokholm LTD
Funkagenda – WTF // toolroom
Workidz – Washmachine // Toolroom
Ripperton – Farra // connoisseur recordings
Pantha Du Prince – Tau // dial records
Radio Slave – K-maze // rekids
Sebbo – Watamu Beach // desolat
Minilogue – Space (Bukaddor and Fishbeck tedium interlude remix) // Traum
Pikaya – Fango // cadenza
Kabale und liebe, Daniel Sanchez – Mumbling yeah (Loco dice tribute mix) // remote area recodings
Beat Galore Friction – Bubble dancing (radio slave remix) // good & evil music
Minilogue – thats a nice way to give me feedback (davis and may milky way trip) // audiobahn
Cle – Nomads (Matthias tanzmann remix) // poker flat
Minilogue – Animals // cocoon recordings
Pigon – Helios // dial records
Vian – two grammes of soma (remix ) // cdr
Joe Claussel – Je Ka Jo (drums of passion remix) // Ibadan recordings
Trentemoller – Klodsmajor // audiomatique recordings