Saturday, 19 January 2008


So.. I have finally decided it's time to put up a blog. Here I am going to post my music, hopefully some of my mixes, my dj charts, my bands music, and music that I am currently enjoying.

First things first. I have finally finished my second album of tracks that i have written, recorded, and (co)produced (under the name 'Vian') It is of the experimental genre, and is all instrumental. There is also an electronic track which i have dubbed 'chilled out minimal tech' and which i am quite proud of as it is my first proper and successful foray into dance music production..

Here is the tracklisting for the album. It's called 'Adorn Myth On Handmade History'

1) Two Halves Make One Hole
2) Twentyfour Hours
3) Grand
4) Two Grammes Of Soma
5) Come, Down
6) Playing With The Knife
7) Klavimusch
8) (hidden track)

There are currently a few old and new tracks available to listen to on my myspace page.. but here is the album if you fancy a listen...


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